Saturday, 14 March 2009

LEDs for Luke ROTJ Hero Saber Control Box

After years of patient searching (and waiting), a source for the red and green triangular LEDs needed for my Rylo Luke ROTJ Hero Saber Control Box was finally found by CFC.

I managed to use the Jedi Mind Trick on CFC and had him sent five sets to me. And here they are in all their unbridled glory:

The triangular LEDs CFC found that are very close to those on the screen used Luke ROTJ Hero Control box; however what he found are Isosceles Triangles, instead of the screen accurate Equilateral Triangles.

(Photo courtesy of Star Wars MoM Exhibition)

So I files them down to the correct shape. A diamond file made quick work of them, and I was done in less then half an hour.

And here they are after I've modified four of the pairs:

Can't see the difference? That's because they're really puny, with each side of the triangle only around 3mm long.

Here are some close-up pics.

The original LED is on the left, while the filed down LED is on the right.

The filed edges look a bit uneven, but that's because of the extreme magnification. Remember, each side of the triangle is only about 3mm long, so you really can't see the flaws with the naked eye. I was tempted to go back and file them a bit more after seeing the pics, but I have to fight the temptation because I may just file away too much.

Now I need to pack them and mail them to a friend who will make the holes in my control box and install them for me.

I initially wanted to make the holes and fit them myself, but due to the small size, I've decided to leave this to the professionals.

Will update when I get my control box back.

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