Monday, 23 February 2009

TIE Pilot Costume - The End Is In Sight

Living in a box: I have the Helmet (need painting), Flight Suit, Boots, Gauntlet Gloves, Commpad (need painting), Belt, Buckle (not pictured), Ribbed Hose, and the Chest Box (not pictured).

I've accumulated 90% of the parts for my TIE Fighter Pilot costume for sometime now, and the only piece that still eludes me remains the Torso & Back armour. I missed out on getting a set a few times over the years due partly to procrastination, prices I was not willing to pay, and various other circumstances not under my control.

last week, I decided to make a concerted effort to get this costume done once and for all, so I again contacted a fellow Malaysian who now resides in the USA, who is an ardent Star Wars fan, and an authority on TIE Fighter Pilot costume. I've been in contact with him before, but due to both our hectic schedules, we failed to come to an agreement on a timely manner, and the deal fell through.

This time he responded promptly, and have what I needed at hand, at a price I can live with. So looks like a set of Torso & Back armour complete with shoulder straps will be heading my way soon.