Friday, 22 December 2006

Atelier Marie at CosCom

Amanda showed off her newly completed Atelier Marie costume during last weekend's Sci-Fi Convention and joined CosCom.

I was busy looking after the shop so I only managed to take her pic; apart from this other rather creepy (and extremely quiet) dude who came into the shop:

Monday, 11 December 2006

HotRedGinger In Da House!

Today the MySciFiFan Outpost had an unexpected visit from HotRedGinger (aka Amanda) an avid Cosplayer who scratch build all her costume and props.

This is her completed Female Assasin costume.

She made the weapon out of mounting board in 4 hours! For someone like me who spend months, or even years making one single prop, this is just amazing; eventhough her weapon's made of mounting board.

Here's Amanda (on the left) with her home made Katana:

Hopefully we'll see more Cosplayers at the Outpost in the future.

Sunday, 19 November 2006

My E-11 Parts

Apart from the Droid Caller, I also received some of the parts for making an E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster.

(From left to right: Vintage M19 Tank Scope; Vintage Eagle Hengster Counter; Replica Scope Rail; Vintage Folding Stock)

The M19 Tank scope is in amazingly good condition, considering its age, with only minor wear marks in some places. It comes complete with the original mounting plate, which is rare nowadays.

The Eagle Hengstler Counter is also in very good cosmetic condition, with expected oxidization on the metal sleeve plus some discolouration on the plastic cover and clear lens, and some scratches here and there.

The scope rail is made by a friend of mine on the RPF, and is one of the better ones I've seen out there. A curve has been incorporated on one end to conform perfectly to the barrel of the blaster.

And the scope rail fits the M19 scope perfectly.

The item that really blew me away is the vintage folding stock. Having played with blasters with fan made stock on them (some static, some foldable), this real, vintage folding stock just feel so much more real and natural. It also has quite a bit of heft to it.

My 'Real' Han Solo ANH Droid Caller

After years of searching, many wild goose chase, getting an alternative Linholf flash (at a great price by the way I must add), and being sent the wrong model by the seller who sold me this one, my screen accurate, as-close-to-the-real-thing-as-you'll-get Han Solo ANH Droid Caller (Kobold disposable flash) finally arrived!!!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Strange thing is, I've also just been offered to buy an identicle, screen accurate Kobold flashgun by another collector, after he decided not to sell it the last time. I do not yet know which version does this collector own.

And to make things even more interesting, another collector I help buy an item for quite sometime ago decided to trade his P arks Droid Caller for the item I bought for him. Now it seems I'll end up with not one, but three Droid Callers!

Here's what the one used in the movie look like, for comparison purposes:

Related info can be viewed below on Parts of Star Wars website:


As of now I have seven(7) Droid Callers.

From left to right:
4 X real Kobold (three black one silver), 1 x real Linholf,
1 X suspected Linhold (painted black), and 1 X Parks

Backrest right-of-way?

I was on a flight back home yesterday...I got strapped in, settled down, read the papers, and then the plane took off.

Since it was an evening flight it started getting dark soon after the plane took off, so I decided to take a nap. I lowered the backrest of my chair, and got comfortable. Suddenly I was tapped on the shoulder and the lady behind me said "Sempit lah!"(its cramp), and wanted me to straighten my backrest. I was reluctant of course because I want to get comfortable, since I'm a rather large guy too. However in order not to cause a scene I obliged by straightening my backrest somewhat, but not all the way. I was rather uncomfortable throughout the entire 2.5 hours of flight.

This started me thinking: Who has the right of way here? Do I have the right to lower my backrest, since that's what the chair is designed to do, or does she have the right to tell me NOT to lower my backrest? We all know that airplane sits are uncomfortable, but we have to make do with what's available, unless you wanna pay for business class or first class seats.

If you pay for economy do you have the right to complain when the person in front of you lower their backrest?

What do you think?