Sunday, 19 November 2006

My 'Real' Han Solo ANH Droid Caller

After years of searching, many wild goose chase, getting an alternative Linholf flash (at a great price by the way I must add), and being sent the wrong model by the seller who sold me this one, my screen accurate, as-close-to-the-real-thing-as-you'll-get Han Solo ANH Droid Caller (Kobold disposable flash) finally arrived!!!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Strange thing is, I've also just been offered to buy an identicle, screen accurate Kobold flashgun by another collector, after he decided not to sell it the last time. I do not yet know which version does this collector own.

And to make things even more interesting, another collector I help buy an item for quite sometime ago decided to trade his P arks Droid Caller for the item I bought for him. Now it seems I'll end up with not one, but three Droid Callers!

Here's what the one used in the movie look like, for comparison purposes:

Related info can be viewed below on Parts of Star Wars website:


As of now I have seven(7) Droid Callers.

From left to right:
4 X real Kobold (three black one silver), 1 x real Linholf,
1 X suspected Linhold (painted black), and 1 X Parks

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Ez said...

Tell you what. I never bothered Han Solo Droid Caller actually look like. Forgive my ignorance but people like you have eyes on details that you apriciate life in a diff perspective. Others maybe sees it as another sci-fi device but this apriciation if implemented in real life help you went through obsticles easier.

Example A: In a real life samun or rompak occured, nobody remember any details of what's happening. Maybe Master Pol does!

Example B: Like to ngorat a chick but dont know her well. By picking up all the small details she did, you can impress her by surprise. Do you agree Master Pol? XD